Climb Log 10/2/2020

First outdoor trip of the season. Looked at it kind of like a warmup. One of the weird things about only climbing on a home wall when you have been used to climbing in gyms for training is that its much harder to understand exactly where you are at. At my previous gym I was sending most V5's and the odd V6 whereas outdoor I'm hovering in the V4 range. Climbing at home I had zero idea where I was at, especially given my complete inexperience at setting.

Rocktown was a test, and I think I both passed and failed it. A lot of the stuff around hueco simulator went even easier than last year, and I made some moves on a few problems that I hadn't finished last year (asphalt, yoshi) but overall I felt weaker in terms of endurance and general strength.

I do think that climbing on a 53deg home wall is at least helping me some with tension, but I still have this terrible tendenency of 'launching' with my foot as I make a reach, which effectively destroys any body tension I have.

I think its going to be a good season, if we can just avoid hurricanes enough to get some weekends in! A huge tree fell over golden shower, fortunately the SCC happened to come out with chainsaws to handle it on saturday.