What are you up to these days?

Onwards to 2021! Yay!

I'm currently living in a new urbanist community about 45min south of Atlanta. We moved from ATL just before COVID hit and the timing couldn't have been better. Lockdown isn't so bad when you have 16+ miles of trails out your back door to hike on.

Lately I've been getting bored with electronic music so I've been dabbling my my rock roots a bit. Its as much nastolgia as it is just changing things up.

Hobbies have been super weird this year. Without being able to go to the gym much at all, my climbing has really suffered, but I've been taking a gradual interest in disc golf since its quite frankly a great excuse to get outside and spend some time with my wife away from the house.

Work wise, I'm mostly spending my time in react, predominantly working on a design system, but I've been dabbling in some golang contributions to our production API which has been pretty fun. I also took tailwindcss for a spin (via twin.macro) and found it a lot more enjoyable than I was expecting.