I climb rocks. Moderately.

Oh hey look another tech bro that into climbing. Yeah I guess so, but it wouldn't be popular if it wasn't an amazing sport. Its also an intensely personal journey that I started with the help of one of my great friends who convinced me to check out a newish gym in the midwest. A year later I was bouldering (badly) outside and having a blast. I'm a moderate climber (pre COVID) V5/6 in the gym, V4 outside, but as always it's a journey. We Rebuild. Below is my tick/project list.

Separation AnxietyGovernor DodgeBackbone ridge (Camp B)V0+2017-09-16
Layback crack attackGovernor DodgeBackbone ridge (Camp B)V1+2017-09-16
Twelve AGovernor DodgeBackbone ridge (Camp B)V0+2017-09-16
The firing squadGovernor DodgeBackbone ridge (Camp B)VE2017-09-15
Leaning rockGovernor DodgeBackbone ridge (Camp B)V32018-03-18
Bob's DelightBoat RockHalf PipeV2+2018-09-22
Pipe DreamBoat RockHalf PipeV32018-09-22
Monkey BarsRocktownThe OrbV12018-10-04
Zero HeroRocktownHueco SimulatorV02018-10-05
Red StripeRocktownHueco SimulatorV02018-10-05
Rail GrindRocktownHueco SimulatorV22018-10-05
JugRocktownCampus PunksV02018-10-06
Gritstone AreteRocktownCampus PunksV32018-10-06
VenomGovernor DodgeBackbone ridge (Camp B)V5
GunsmokeJoshua TreeGunsmokeV3
The chubeJoshua TreeGunsmokeV2
Saturday night liveJoshua TreeReal hidden valleyV4
Betty jo yablonskiJoshua TreeReal hidden valleyV0
Soft pretzelJoshua TreeReal hidden valleyV2
Highly executed Governor DodgeBackbone ridge (Camp B)V5
GodfatherGovernor DodgeGodfatherV4
Yellow SubmarineBoat RockYellow WallV0
Yellow AreteBoat RockYellow WallV4
RippleRocktownHueco SimulatorV22023-01-07
Paint CanRocktownCampus PunksV22018-10-06
El BanoRocktownAsphalt BouldersV32018-10-06
Keeper of the boatBoat RockEasy crackV4
Easy crackBoat RockEasy crackV02018-12-05
Tiny crackBoat RockEasy crackV02018-12-05
Jug SurfinRocktownVaginaV4
Campus PunksRocktownCampus PunksV5
El ClassicoRocktownCampus PunksV02018-12-29
Altar BoysRocktownChexV42019-01-05
Super MarioRocktownHueco SimulatorV32019-01-05
Screaming Church GirlsRocktownChexV4
Fly DawgRocktownThe OrbV02019-01-05
Out of OrbitRocktownThe OrbV2
Locksmith Island fordSundropV22019-03-31
Spider-Man areteBoat RockSpidermanV32019-04-13
Easy crack traverseRocktownEasy crackV32019-04-13
Spider man directBoat RockSpidermanV3
Beam me up Scotty Boat RockBeam me upV3+
Unnamed SlabBoat RockLost digitsV22019-04-13
Nice horseyRocktownAsphalt BouldersV42019-05-18
Golden showerRocktownAsphalt BouldersV5
Power napIsland fordSandmanV22019-07-20
TraskCarverMain forestV02019-08-26
Extra carverCarverMain forestV3
Face problem CarverMain forestV1
Cause of deathCarverMain forestV6
Middle problemCarverMain forestV22019-08-26
SharpCarverMain forestV4
Barfly BettyCarverMain forestV32019-08-27
Heavy hand traverse CarverMain forestV42019-08-27
Fire crack flakeLittle Rock cityFront areaV12019-12-24
The crescent Little Rock cityFront areaV12020-02-29
SwingersLittle Rock cityFront areaV3
Fat catLittle Rock cityFrumundathundaV5
RageLittle Rock citySuper marioV5
Dragon ladyLittle Rock cityMain areaV4
BonesawLittle Rock cityBonesawV5
Crack of doomLittle Rock citySternumV5
Sno coneRocktownSkin graphV22019-11-02
Alien writing RocktownSkin graphV3
IncredareteLittle Rock cityMystery machineV12019-10-27
Sunny roseLittle Rock cityV5
GoforiaRocktownFront areaV02019-12-07
Yoshi RocktownHueco SimulatorV4
Almost famousRocktownUpper mazeV3
El bano directRocktownEl banoV42020-01-25
20 ft of madnessRocktownSherman photoV12020-02-01
20 ft of funRocktownSherman photoV12020-02-01
Roller derby RocktownIdiot roofV22020-02-22
Needless thingsLittle Rock cityFront areaV02020-02-29
Costume ringsLittle Rock cityFront areaV02020-02-29
SpareLittle Rock cityFront areaV02020-02-29
Hairy underclingsLittle Rock cityFront areaV32020-02-29
The sternumLittle Rock citySternumV5
Pancake mantleLittle Rock cityThe fairwaysV2
Big muchLittle Rock citySternumV4
White trashLittle Rock cityBack 9V5
The ribLittle Rock cityBack 9V1
The scoop (left)RocktownV12020-10-02
The Swollen GoatLittle Rock cityFunhouseV12020-10-17
Jug HeadLittle Rock cityPhilips FuryV12020-10-17
ClutchLittle Rock cityPhilips FuryV5
Unusual SuspectLittle Rock cityFish MarketV42020-10-22
Tissues RocktownLucky 7V02020-11-08
Toilet paperRocktownLucky 7V02020-11-08
Squat low RocktownLucky 7V32020-11-08
Black carpetLittle Rock cityWaveV4
Art of the Vogi Little Rock cityFront areaV4
OracleLittle Rock cityJerrys kidsV4
Grape apeRocktownLost corridorV4
Chopping blockRocktownLost corridorV3
Two Shoes JackLittle Rock citySpace OdysseyV42021-01-09
Little Rock citySpace OdysseyV12021-01-09
ShaggyLittle Rock cityFront areaV12021-03-06
Unnamed V3Little Rock cityJerrys kidsV3
Unnamed V3Little Rock cityJerrys kidsV32021-03-06
Unnamed V2Little Rock cityJerrys kidsV22021-03-06
Unnamed V1Little Rock cityJerrys kidsV12021-03-06
Jolly RogerLittle Rock cityBonesawV3
Blithering IdiotLittle Rock cityMystery GrooveV02021-03-06
DownclimbLittle Rock cityMystery GrooveVE2021-03-06
Runnel FunnelLittle Rock cityMystery GrooveV22021-03-06
Murfeesboro BluesLittle Rock cityMystery GrooveV02021-03-06
Five and DimeLittle Rock cityMystery GrooveV02021-03-06
ShowtimeLittle Rock cityMystery GrooveV12021-03-06
The swollen goatLittle Rock cityFunhouseV12021-10-02
Old maidLittle Rock cityBonesawV02021-10-02
Jersey turnpike Little Rock cityBonesawV12021-10-02
45L unnamed Little Rock cityBonesawV12021-10-02
Cormay wall 1Little Rock cityBarometer wallV02021-10-02
Cormay wall 2Little Rock cityBarometer wallV1
Cormay wall 3Little Rock cityBarometer wallV22021-10-02
Trailer ball Little Rock cityPhillips FuryV12021-10-02
Warmup v0Dayton PocketRoofV02021-11-13
Captain Kirk Boat RockBeam me upV02023-10-15
Awkward crackBoat RockBeam me upV22023-10-15